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 “As it was for Degas, so too for the Canadian Artist Claire Weissman Wilks - permeated by a powerful charge of eroticism, her works impose themselves on the eye of the beholder through the force of her autonomous line...”

                                            Il Gazzettino di Venezia, Venice


“Her expressive, writhing tumescent women - from auto-eroticism to amputated limb - have enormous striking energy. Rodin and Klimt would have approved.”

                                            The Jerusalem Post, Jerusalem


“What is unique in Weissman Wilks’ world is her frail yet dramatic handling of timelessness, in which the erotic is at while in joy or terror, securely enclosed in their own singular forms.”

                                            Venska Dagbladet, Stockholm


“These works are a brooding sometimes hymn to the dark side of sex. The images court the dark god and the faceless, hulking image of power. They show a primitive, overwhelming aspect of sexuality that can be frightening.”

                                            The Globe and Mail, Toronto


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