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Twelve Gates to the Totem, Hallelujah!
Ludwig Zeller

The bronze sculpture is composed of thirteen feminine figures. They form a spiral. The spiral moves counterclockwise. I know of no other sculpture whose movement goes so rigorously against the clock. Clockwise is eyewise in our culture; it is the way we see the flow of energy. READ MORE

The Scavenger Queen
Branko Gorjup

At the narrow point of the hourglass, she embraced the found world in which the artist scavenges for objects that are discarded, obsolete, worn out, broken, or no longer of any use. She fell in love with bottles,  different in size and tint and texture, and on these bottles she " hung " sculpted clay figures. READ MORE

What the Hand Sees
Anne Michaels

As always in her work, there is no landscape, no object, no clothing or other “defence”, except sometimes a shroud, no food or shelter; and there is no deconstruction of form. As always in her work, there is “nothing but” the profound intensity of the naked human body - its immense moral power and mortal vulnerability. READ MORE

To Love Ever Again
Aleksandar Tisma

They were desperate for food that would carry them over to another day. In exchange for reprieves from death he would dole out the seizures of love, by the spoonful. By blackmail, Kapo secured their final, complete abandonment, a vision I discovered in the facial expressions and body movements of Weissman’s women. READ MORE

Introduction to In the White Hotel
DM Thomas

The nude couples suggested both the ecstasy of love-making and the sadness and pain that also touch it, whenever it is deep. I suggested to her that her style was close to the spirit of The White Hotel, and that I would be honored if she felt moved to respond to the novel in her own way. READ MORE

Pagan wholeness and the holiness of bodies
Mary Meigs

 People who are natural about sex find it hard to believe that other people are not. They do not know about the doors that clang shut like firedoors in the mind, and do not understand the fine drawing of lines between what is acceptable and what is called pornographic. READ MORE

The Cavern Archetype
Giovanni Bianchi

The cave also represents the place of identification, in that psychological space where the individual becomes him/herself and reaches maturity. In the cave, the organization of the interior “I” and its relationship with the external world is manifested; but one must exit the cave to contemplate the real world. READ MORE

Pure Emotion
Alma Rosa Jimenez

Sometimes we are given the chance to truly see specific aspects of the emotions we feel. This idle thirst for precision causes emotions to seem innumerable, perhaps because words alone don’t suffice to describe them.  READ MORE

Beauty and Vulnerability: the psychology of the female body
Guido Comis

On the one hand, the Canadian artist seems to emphasize a woman’s desire to display her own beauty (and her own sex appeal), on the other hand, she points out the vulnerability that is associated with a woman’s nudity. READ MORE

S.W. Hayter

Her subject is nudes, women and men, alone and together, and women with child. They are human as pornography is inhuman. Literal they may be called, but this is not reporting, although clearly more faithful to our experience than photography (which is of interest chiefly because it is an arbitrary structure beyond visual experience.) READ MORE

Introduction to Tremors
William Ronald

But you must also know where to start - and this is where these works take off. For the first time, what is appearing is fantasy - timeless faces that stare into the blinding space of the moment, faces that are a mixture of pain and awe, pleasure and disbelief: emotions that no single word can sum. READ MORE

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